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About Us

Cinematographers. Filmmakers. Storytellers. 

Aardvark Video Works has been a leading provider of high quality and uniquely affordable video production in the Philadelphia metro area for over sixteen years. In that time, we have seen many transitions take place in the world, in our industry and in our business. Yet what has remained the same is the language of effective visual communication. This is where AVW, an awarding winning video production company, shines.

Aardvark's team represents over four decades of production and post production experience. Whether your business needs a television commercial, long-form corporate video, social media campaign, 3D animation, or large screen display, we have the tools and skills to deliver.


The latest technology is at your fingertips with AVW. While the majority of our work has been 30 second commercials, training films, and corporate projects, we find that social media and interactive design are giving our customers the flexibility they need to engage their customers. 


Our mission is to offer the best quality video production with no strings attached. By utilizing the latest offerings in 4K and HD video technology, we are uniquely able to create stunning imagery and graphics that will give your business the edge, all for a whole lot less than you think.

About us
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Our Studio

Our Studio

Need somewhere to shoot but can't find a location? Lucky for you AVW has a professional studio at their location. With a 40' x 40' green cyc screen and a 15' x 15' white cyc screen, AVW can produce any video you need right in house. And with excellent skills in casting and directing, we make it easy for you.

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