About Us

Cinematographers. Filmmakers. Storytellers. 

Aardvark Video Works has been a leading provider of high quality and uniquely affordable video production in the Philadelphia metro area for over sixteen years. In that time, we have seen many transitions take place in the world, in our industry and in our business. Yet what has remained the same is the language of effective visual communication. This is where AVW, an awarding winning video production company, shines.

Aardvark's team represents over four decades of production and post production experience. Whether your business needs a television commercial, long-form corporate video, social media campaign, 3D animation, or large screen display, we have the tools and skills to deliver.


The latest technology is at your fingertips with AVW. While the majority of our work has been 30 second commercials, training films, and corporate projects, we find that social media and interactive design are giving our customers the flexibility they need to engage their customers. 


Our mission is to offer the best quality video production with no strings attached. By utilizing the latest offerings in 4K and HD video technology, we are uniquely able to create stunning imagery and graphics that will give your business the edge, all for a whole lot less than you think.



  • Mike Fanaro

    Owner & Cinematography Expert

    Michael was just 26 when he left Brooklyn, New York to start AVW with Dave. He’s often accused of getting more excited than his clients about creative and is currently seeking new technological advancements that allow him to sync his brain to his phone so he can get back to them even quicker. He also has a borderline obsession with fantasy football.

    An Aardvark since 2001

  • David Pickel

    Owner & Videographer Extraordinaire

    AVW hatched with Mike Fanaro over lunch one day in Manhattan in 2001. The mission was, and still is, to foster long-term relationships with clients. Professing to hate the super hero film genre, Dave reluctantly attends for his wife of more than a quarter century, Adrienne.  Currently caring for a blind dog, a deaf dog and a crazy dog; Karch, Greta and Bella. 

    An Aardvark since 2001

  • Eric Nightlinger

    Editor & Super Audio Master

    Body made in Philadelphia. Heart and mind somewhere in the north of England. Eric is the resident Anglophile with a deep obsession for music and sound. Eric uses his auditory synesthesia abilities to produce sound pictures at Aardvark Video Works.

    An Aardvark since 2010

  • Brian Edwards

    Editor & Fancy-Pants 3D "Generalist"

    Brian hails from the foreign land of New Jersey, but Philly is his home. If you try to get his attention while he's wearing headphones, you'll probably have a hard time. Thanks McElroy Brothers... At the end of the day, he has just one thing to say: Great Job!

    An Aardvark since 2018

  • Lauren Ramer

    Editor & The Design Wizard

    Lauren is often ordering pizza and making the entire office celebrate holidays whether they like it or not. She uses her passion of graphic design and typography to enhance the AVW brand. She is currently trying to find a way to sneak her dog into work with her.

    An Aardvark since 2016

  • Patrick Allyn

    Editor & The Cool 3D Whiz

    Patrick is a little odd and also very creative. For instance, he enjoys skydiving while editing. Somehow he always pulls off the perfect landing, but he goes through computers rather quickly.

    An Aardvark since 2012

  • Robert Muncie

    Editor & All-knower of Everything

    Robert likes to play Sega tapes and has a subscription to The Economist. He is the recent recipient of several promotional pre-paid debit cards. When he’s not listening to vapor-trap, chill-hop or Childish Gambino. He’s useful at Aardvark if you want your video to look weird….but in a good way. 

    An Aardvark since 2016

  • DeShawn Ealy

    Editor & Absolutely Awesome Animator

    DeShawn is originally from Akron, Ohio - but that doesn’t mean he’s not a true Philadelphian. He’s a die-hard Phillies, Sixers & Eagles fan and makes the best s’mores brownie pie in Northeast Philly. As an animator, DeShawn’s primary source of inspiration is the 4th greatest movie of all time: Space Jam.

    An Aardvark since 2015

  • Lauren Schwartz

    All-Star Video Production Intern

    Lauren is a senior at the University of South Carolina studying broadcast journalism. As a hardcore Philly sports fan, she strongly resists the "Yankee" label that southerners attempt to give her at school. She's in her element when she's driving her Jeep Wrangler with the music turned all the way up.

    An Aardvark since 2018


Our Studio

Need somewhere to shoot but can't find a location? Lucky for you AVW has a professional studio at their location. With a 40' x 40' green cyc screen and a 15' x 15' white cyc screen, AVW can produce any video you need right in house. And with excellent skills in casting and directing, we make it easy for you.

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